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Virgin wilderness, 500-foot granite cliffs, world-class whitewater rapids… for a most memorable adventure, take a whitewater rafting trip through the scenic Hudson River Gorge! The Hudson’s flows are most powerful in the spring; rafting is more moderate in the summer/fall. However, scheduled whitewater dam releases ensure terrific rafting fun all season long.

Raft Package From Local Outfitters Typically Include:

  • 1-day guided trip down the Hudson River Gorge in a private raft

  • Transportation to and from the put-in and take-out back to the rafting company’s base

  • Lunch, either on the river or at base

  • Wetsuit (in spring)

Booking Dates:

Available from April through mid-October.

This is a Rate Discount Package: Enjoy 10% off your room rate when booking directly if you’re rafting this season! Just purchase your rafting trip through one of the local outfitters and provide us with your booking number when reserving your room at Alpine Lodge.

How to book:

Call us directly at 518.251.2451

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a group of people riding in a raft down a river
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