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Importance of the Hudson River History

Rafting the Hudson River may be all fun and games now a days, but how it came to be extremely important to this area starting long before big rubber boats.  The mighty Hudson is a 315 mile river that begins at Lake Tear of the Clouds with fresh water surging over rocks and river banks, being one of the most sought after rafting destinations on the East Coast. During the early spring time, the river’s height can reach passed 10 feet, making class IV-V rapids and a thrilling time to be had.

The Hudson River was named after Henry Hudson, who explored the area in the early 1600’s while sailing for the Dutch East India Company. After the area was settled, North Creek, NY and the surrounding hamlets were formed as logging became an essential part of the commerce.  During the 1800’s, it was a popular, but dangerous way for locals to earn a steady wage.  Logs were floated down the Hudson River where there were numerous sawmills. As it grew in popularity and financial stability, the area became popular for logging camps.

The Hudson River is extremely powerful in the areas surrounding the Alpine Lodge, especially along the Hudson River Gorge.  Extreme water sport enthusiasts can find their dream rapids along the upper Hudson.  Numerous rafting outfitters in the surrounding area have been providing guided rafting trips for decades, making it an awesome outdoor adventure.  The business side of using the Hudson River for logging purposes and now transformed into using it as a huge tourist destination water sport, continuing the importance of the commerce surrounding this powerful body of water.  As the Hudson continues passed North Creek, NY, it graces many towns with it’s beautiful presence, eventually finding its way to New York City.  There, it transforms into salt water and merges as one with the Atlantic Ocean.

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